About Us

We make your house feel like home!

Whether you have bought a new apartment or a villa, or you are renovating your existing one, you will not only invest your money, but also your time and passion to transform it into your most personal place for yourself & your family: the home that gives you comfort, pleasure and sanctuary. You will worry about the looks of your home, but more importantly, how it makes you feel emotionally and physically. When these three considerations come together successfully, your house becomes your home!

We at Houzome understand this. It is your personal touch, your emotional and physical needs, coupled with our experience and professionalism, which will turn your space into your home. The transformation from space to home is a joint project, where we will take responsibility for realizing your dream: end-to-end, wall-to-wall! From initial design through to the finished home, Houzome stands by its commitment to quality, time and price. There will be positive surprises, for instance when we show you design options that never crossed your mind, but equally importantly, there will be no negative surprises in terms of the execution of the project.

We are an experienced team of home interior professionals. Our Bangalore based company has delivered over a hundred successful projects in Bangalore alone. You can speak to our happy clients for reference. Some of our employees & founders have worked in the home interior industry in countries such as the USA, China, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Middle-East, China, Singapore and Denmark, and we are constantly in touch with the international trends and fashions. A couple of our managers have worked internationally for global companies and as NRIs, they have personally experienced the challenges of doing a home interior project, when you are not physically present to monitor progress. Because of our experience, 20% of our business today is with NRIs across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, who have trusted Houzome with their end to end home interior projects.